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I just installed Ubuntu via WUBI and I have a few questions:

  1. How would I know if my video card's driver is installed and if not, how do I install it?
    I have NVIDIA GT220 1GB. I don't see proprietary drivers in the system settings.

  2. How do I install all codecs in Ubuntu? Something like K-lite codec pack or CCCP for Matroska?

  3. How do I make Ubuntu look like Windows? I don't like the launcher on the side.

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As far as knowing if your video card's driver is installed, you can look under System Settings --> Details. Also you can click on Additional Drivers, to see if any drivers needed.

enter image description here

For installing Codecs, you need to install Ubuntu Restricted Extras. You can do that from the Ubuntu Software Center, or by clicking below

As far as making Ubuntu look like window, Why?:) You can do that by installing themes. You just have to look for one that you like, and install it. Also you may want to take a look at LXDE. I have tried installing the Windows 7 theme, but with no luck.

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I went to details and it shows me that the driver in "NONE" and experience is "STANDARD" does that mean that my video card is not compatible? – ix3 Aug 11 '12 at 10:28
That means that you need a driver for your VGA card. – Mitch Aug 11 '12 at 10:29
I found the driver for NVIDIA GeForce GT220 in the website but it is downloaded as a .run file. How do I install it? – ix3 Aug 11 '12 at 10:36
Take a look at Install .run Files – Mitch Aug 11 '12 at 10:38

1) open jockey-gtk

2) go to software-center and install ubuntu-restricted-extras

3) just use this article and find others on Google about how to make Ubuntu look like Windows 7

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