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If I do an uncommit, Bazaar gives me a revision id which I can use to retrieve the uncommitted revision, should I ever need it. If I don't write it down right after the uncommit, is there a way to find this revision id again?

Similarly, if I delete a branch from a shared repository, the unique revisions of the branch remain in the shared repository, but how can I find their revision ids?

Common in both of these cases is that the revisions are "unreachable", since they are not part of any branch.

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There seems to be a solution in the bzrtools package with its "heads" subcommand.

  1. Install package bzrtools Install bzrtools. Then proceed to your project.

  2. Proceed to your project and enter:

     bzr heads --dead-only

(From here)

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That's it, brilliant! Thanks! – janos Aug 11 '12 at 5:10

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