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Possible Duplicate:
What performance differences are there when installing with Wubi?

I have lots of freezes and stuff... So I was wondering if I installed Ubuntu individually instead of inside my windows installation, then it would perform much better. I assume that because then Ubuntu wouldn't have to navigate to it's folder all of the time. I might also be able to access folders from my hard drive as well, even with my windows installation broken. So would it perform any better if I installed it individually without using an OS?

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Yes. An independent Ubuntu (dual-boot) configuration will be faster and may be more stable than a Windows-based (Wubi) install.

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Independent Ubuntu installation in its defined Filesystem (EXT4) performs much better then NTFS.

From Wubi page

Wubi uses a virtual disk that is sensitive to forced shutdowns. If Wubi becomes damaged as a result of a hard reboot, there is a chance that Windows may also become corrupted since the principle behind Wubi is that of a virtual disk within the host operating system.

Infact this kind of Question was addressed previously , you can refer here

What performance differences are there when installing with Wubi?

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