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I installed 12.04 and my system works fine. But after updating packages with the update manager, problems occurred.

I can't activate the Nvidia drivers (Control Center -> Additional Drivers). When I try to activate them, I get a error:

Sorry, installation of this driver, failed.

The error indicates a log file, /var/log/jockey.log. I have seen:

WARNING: modinfo for module nvidia_current failed: ERROR: modinfo: could not find module nvidia_current

ERROR: XorgDriverHandler.enable(): package or module not installed, aborting

I have tried with 295.33 and 295.40. But it doesn't work.

I have tried to reconfigure xorg.conf, with a lot of parameters. But I haven't got that it works. And I have tried to create a monitors.xml on /config, with the correct resolution, but when I log, I get another error: resolution not compatible. But before the update, that config works fine.

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Please revert all the changes you made (probably just rename or move the files). Reinstall the Nvidia drivers as described in my previous answer. It just seems to be that the files corresponding to the package got corrupted, which may be caused by a system crash or file system driver error. Doing a clean reinstall of the package should fix that.

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