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What ports are required to be open on Ubuntu Cloud Guests running juju client instances? As far as I understand, Zookeeper needs to communicate with all its nodes -- So that is one requirement.. Anything else? Also what are the ports that are used by zookeeper? I need these so that I can put some security rules on my EC2 instances..

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The following ports are used by juju

  • 22 - SSH
  • 17017 - Juju API
  • depending on the provider, you'll also want to open the StorageAPI port. (this is defined in your ~/.juju/environments.yaml for the provider)

However, when you're using a provider like EC2 - juju bootstrap will open these ports for you, so there's no real need to manually edit the EC2 security group rulesets.

Also, noteably - juju no longer uses zookeeper since it has moved from python to GoLang.

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Thanx for the reply. So should I assume that the open-port command may be a way to expose ports if I need to? I am asking these questions since I am authoring charms for my app specific deployments. – Antojk Aug 11 '12 at 7:47
Also, it may be a nice feature if the open-ports can take an interface and ip-range/mask parameter to do the same giving some fine control to the charm author. – Antojk Aug 11 '12 at 7:48
Since tunneling thru ssh is provided, that means I can tunnel through SSH to access my for e.g. DB instance directly.. – Antojk Aug 11 '12 at 7:50

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