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My mouse wheel has stopped working. It doesn't scroll up and down when previously it worked. How can I configure what each button of the mouse does?


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How can I configure what each button of the mouse does?

You can check if your hardware is defect by running xev. Open a Terminal via Applications → Accessories → Terminal and type xev. A small white window should appear. When you move your cursor in that window, the command line output will tell you what things your mouse is doing:

alt text

Button 4 in this example refers to scrolling up. If you don't get any output when scrolling, it may be your mouse is just broken.

When testing this, please ignore the output that is generated by your mouse moving around.

If you know your mouse isn't broken, and xev still doesn't give you any indication of the scroll wheel - if for example the mouse works on another computer, you are experiening a bug. In this case, read the Ubuntu Wiki's article on how to report bugs and file it against Make sure to include all details in your bug report, plus how to reproduce the error.

Be absolutely certain that your mouse works before filing a bug.

How can I configure what each button of the mouse does?

You can use btnx to re-assign your mouse buttons. This will only work if they are detected properly.

alt text

The program will ask you to go through each of your buttons to configure them. Note: If xev doesn't recognise the scroll will, this program will not recognise it either.

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