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I currently help QA team in ISO testing, but I stumbled on a test-case that required some extra research. I just learned about persistence from this wiki page.

Ctrl+F to "Using a loop-back file." Since I will be ISO testing on a Mac, I don't know if it's appropriate to make the file in the root of the partition of my Ubuntu computer.

If the loop-back file is indeed necessary, how can I use it for my Mac computer? If it is as simple as copy-paste, I'll be surprised.


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Loopback "file" is actually a device file like those located in /dev/

So it's a special file and you should not copy it to some other computer. Loopback device is a special device in linux and I'm not sure that Mac shares the same mechanism of mounting iso files.

You can use FuseISO ( to mount .iso files via fuse system instead of using kernel module for iso (which requires loopback device)

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