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On Fedora 14 I use to use an app called 'Connect To' (I think it was default app) to make SSH connections. It was GUI based SSH connection tool.

Now I have migrated to Ubuntu (11.10 to be precise). I use terminal based OpenSSH. OpenSSH is pretty good but sometimes I wish it was GUI app. I have tried a few but none do the job like 'Connect To' on fedora.

Is there any Connect To equvalent on Ubuntu ?

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@JorgeCastro I believe the linked question is in regards to using SSHFS, and that Mr Ghimire is referring to actually using the remote shell function of SSH, although I could be wrong. – reverendj1 Aug 9 '12 at 20:08
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Remmina would be a good solution. I believe it ships with 12.04, but I think you have to manually install it on 11.10.

sudo apt-get install remmina

Or, just install it from the Ubuntu Software Center:

Install via the software center

It also works with VNC, RDP, NX and SFTP.

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