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I own an Acer AspireOne722

  • AMD C-60 APU
  • 2Gb RAM
  • HD6290
  • Conexant CX20588 sound card.

I use Ubuntu 12.04LTS
Output is perfect: both speakers and headphones work fine.
I have troubles with input: the internal mic was not enough powerful for skype calls so I tried to switch from "Internal Mic" to "Mic", realizing that the device called "Mic" (expected to be the 3.5mm mic port) is actually a loopback device: it gets audio stream directly from my output!!

Example: I play a song with my mp3player and I use gnome-sound-recorder with "Mic". I obtain to record the song played!!!

I tried to change alsa drivers from linuxant without improvements. Even Alsamixer seems not to solve: i think that the problem is located at lower layers of abstraction.

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In the command prompt (terminal) try typing the following:


You may need to use sudo alsamixer (not sure, but if you notice your settings not being saved use sudo)

In alsamixer screen that comes up in the terminal, Press F6 and Select your sound card. Then using the Arrow keys go to MIC or Line In. Unmute both of them (Hit M to Mute or Un-Mute). Also try increasing the volume to full and test. I believe the jack on your lappy is called MIC but is most likely a Line-In as per the system, so just enable it too.

Update your question, if that worked for you.

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