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ubuntu 11.04

Hi everybody,

This morning I was running a little bit short on HDD space and had the bright idea to uninstall all those weird KDE-related libraries I had installed. Turns out, I should have thought that through better, since it literally killed my kile.

I tried recovering it, either by synaptic, ubuntu software center or apt-get, but I always get dependency problems, like this one:

The following packages have unmet dependencies: kile : Depends: kdebase-runtime but it is not going to be installed Depends: konsole but it is not going to be installed E: Broken packages

Easy, I thought, sudo apt-get of each of those components, but turns out it doesn't work. After half an hour trying to install things, I just give up and hope for your help, any insight :)?


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After browsing around like crazy, I found a definitive solution, just in case someone comes up with the same problem I had. The solution consists of installing aptitude and then installing kile through aptitude:

Following the commands

    sudo apt-get install aptitude


    sudo aptitude -R install kdebase-runtime
    sudo aptitude -R install konsole        
    sudo aptitude -R install kile
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