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I am using this Samsing SCX 3201g. I have installed Samsung Unified Drivers from Samsung's Site.

enter image description here

It is doesn't have Any Option for Duplex printing. Using same Printer on Windows 7 supports Duplex Printing.

Long Edge Short Edge Settings.

How do i configure these to work in Ubuntu 12.10 if my Printer supports it?

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I'd love to see a fix for this. I'm having the exact same problem with my networked Epson Workforce 630 printer.

I've seen people recommend editing the settings via


in a web browser, but my printer doesn't have the relevant duplex printing options there either.

There's also printer-config-system. (System Settings -> Printing).

I know it's not my printer that is the problem. It's an excellent all-in-one printer that works great in Windows7.

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