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I got a new 2gb ram and i am going to add it along with my existing 2gb card making it 2x2gb=4gb ram.

do i have to do anything extra to make it work as 4gb fully?

Anything to do with the PAE kernel stuff??(I already have a PAE kernel)

Coz I have been through something like 4gb/4gb+ ram needs PAE kernel.

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If you already have the 64-bit or PAE kernel; Nope.

Either of these kernels will detect and automatically use all 4GB of memory. The pae kernel is the default for Ubuntu 12.04.

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You shouldn't have to do anything, unless you want to upgrade from a 32bit to 64 bit system and you want to use a 64bit OS.

The only thing that you might have to do is adjust your swap file size. to do that take a look at Swap FAQ

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If 4GB RAM is detected via free -m or through System monitor and since you already have PAE Kernel installed , then you have to do Nothing .

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