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I am running 12.04 with an HD7970. I installed fglrx from AMD and it worked okay. Then Ubuntu prompted me to install updates (from software-center). After doing this, the PC only boots to a black screen called Chips tty1.

If I go to the recovery mode, all the options give me a blinking cursor (after a confirmation dialog), but when I press Ctrl+Alt+Del then they react (repair, gfx safe) and shortly after it reboots.

If I choose the normal boot, I get an orange

"Mountall: Plymouth disconnected".

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Follow these commands:

sudo apt-get update  
sudo apt-get -d install --reinstall gdm  
sudo apt-get remove --purge gdm  

(I ran this command above, but was told by the system to use # sudo apt-get autoremove instead, after the #sudo apt-get remove --purge gdm command.)

sudo apt-get install gdm

select GDM when prompted

sudo reboot

That fixed it for me :)

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