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I am a new user of precise pangolin and learning to use the terminal. I just wonder whether there is any easy command/combination of commands to open an application (LibreOffice Writer, for example) via terminal, just like we use sudo apt-get install <<packagename>> to install an application.

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You can just type the the name of the application you want to start. In your case it would be libreoffice or if you want to go to writer directly you can type libreoffice --writer

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If you do not want the application tied to a controlling terminal you can type the application name followed by & disown.

In @Germar's example the full command would read libreoffice & disown. This would enable you to close the terminal you launched from, and continue using libreoffice.

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Welcome to AskUbuntu! You can close the terminal if only using & (at least on my 12.04). To see about &, disown and nohup, check See also and – carnendil Jan 15 at 22:20

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