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I'm trying to mount an image but I get some error:

$ sudo mount -o loop matlab2011a_64.iso /cdrom/ 
[sudo] password for dev: 
mount: warning: /cdrom/ seems to be mounted read-only.

I'm not sure that I should mount it the cdrom or some other destination. Can you tell me how I should mount the image?

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generally mount user stuff in /media – RobotHumans Aug 7 '12 at 18:28
I would suggest mounting it on /mnt instead of /cdrom. – Alex L. Aug 7 '12 at 21:33
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If you already have a cdrom, you should not mount another image as "cdrom". You have 2 possibilites:

  • unmount your /cdrom (with sudo umount /cdrom). I would not recommend it. If you want to restore your old cdrom, you have to remember the path in /dev.
  • make a new directory (preferrably in /media, but this is not necessary): sudo mkdir -p /media/anyNameEvenCdrom and after this sudo mount -o loop matlab2011a_64.iso /media/anyNameEvenCdrom
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