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Dell Dimension 4600i with 1GB RAM. Installed Ubuntu 12.04 without difficulty. If left unattended, it appropriately goes to sleep and I can awaken it with a mouse gesture or keyboard press. However, if I use the Suspend command it sleeps and then will not awaken, forcing a hard reboot. Pretty new install. Not many modifications from the stock distribution. I am new to Linux and would appreciate any direction someone can give. Thanks.

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Thanks to 2F4U on ubuntuforums.org, who got me pointed in the right direction. Google search for "how to install nvidia drivers in ubuntu" led me to


I tried System Settings > Additional Drivers but it seemed the "Nvidia accelerated graphics driver (version 173) [Recommended]" was already installed. I instead activated the "Nvidia accelerated graphics driver (post-release updates) (version 173-updates)". This didn't change the behavior. Still wouldn't recover from suspend.

So, lower in the above page is a Suspend/Hibernation section. I followed the advice to edit xorg.conf and blacklist.conf and now I can recover from suspend.

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