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Étoilé is a Desktop environment. I want on on my ubuntu 12.04 computer but how?

Can you Please Help me With it.

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They haven't mentioned the build for 12.04 yet and they are referring it as Developer built and less a Desktop Environment. – atenz Aug 7 '12 at 5:49
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Please note:

WARNING: As it stands now, Etoile is more or less a development environment and not a desktop environment. We have no working theme since we are still in the process of migrating from our Camaelon theme engine to the new one bundled with GNUstep. User-oriented applications such as Melodie can fail to launch or behave correctly because their development have been put on hold. We advise you not to use the session support built into Étoilé, but rather write Étoilé code inside another environment such as GNOME or KDE.

Taken from the Etoile website.

How to install (trunk)

Etoile is a of a tough call on Ubuntu, but I'll try to guide you in the right direction. Please note a few things though:

  • I have not installed Etoile myself.
  • Etoile is not officially supported on Ubuntu.
  • The instructions provided are outdated.

The dependencies are posted here: and the instructions are here:

I would have liked to include instructions here, but as this project would be best installed on your system using the trunk version I would suggest you follow what instructions they have on their site directly (the instructions will be kept up to date).

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