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How to restore on another Ubuntu computer a MySQL database backup made by rsnapshot on an external USB hard disk? This seems to be difficult because the UID and GID of mysql differ on both computers.

I could work around by determining UID and GID of mysql on the target computer, copying the database in /var/log/mysql/ and running the command ~$ chown -R newuser:newgroup newdir.

Is there a more straightforward solution?

[Backup on Ubuntu 12.04, Restore on Ubuntu 10.04.4]

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Also, try asking at Database Administrators. – hexafraction Aug 6 '12 at 16:13
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The solution to this is to make a mysqldump and restore from that.

mysqldump -u root -p > iamateapot.sql should save everything in mysql into iamateapot.sql stored in the current working directory.

Transfer that .sql to the other server, do mysql -u root -p < iamateapot.sql, and it'll overwrite all current MySQL data on that server with new data, and retain all users, pws, etc. At least it should.

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