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The man page for the command "rename.ul" has disappeared and I would like to install it, read it on-line or whatever, but it would be better to have it installed as it was before, in the good times. It is a useful command and it is not a good idea to have its man page redirected to "rename"'s man page because it is a different command.

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If You Don't Have Any rename.ul Manual Page

Searching the web-based Ubuntu Manpage Repository for rename.ul reveals that its manpage is in page 1 of the manual. Therefore, the name of the manpage file is rename.ul.1.gz.

Searching the package contents for that file reveals the packages that provide it:

  • manpages-fr-extra
  • util-linux

Unless you want the French manpage, util-linux is the package you want for rename.ul manpage.

  • It almost always works to simply search for the command itself in package contents, as the package that provides the command is virtually always the package that provides its manpage(s).

If you didn't have util-linux installed, you could install it. But this is quite an essential package, and it's unlikely you don't have it. So if you're missing the manpage, perhaps somehow that file was deleted. Then you should reinstall util-linux:

sudo apt-get --reinstall install util-linux

If You Want man rename.ul To Give You the Old Manpage in Ubuntu

None of these six versions of rename.ul's manpage in Ubuntu show a separate manpage for rename.ul, different from rename. Please note that the ul in rename.ul stands for util-linux. The rename command in Ubuntu is provided by util-linux, so any other manpage for it would probably not correctly document the command.

There are other manual pages called rename. But they are for the system and library calls, not for the rename command.

With that said, if you find a rename manpage online, you can download it and view it like an installed manpage with man -C ./filename. Please note that the ./ is necessary when specifying a manpage located in the current directory with a relative path (just like it's necessary to run a script in the current directory).

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