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I am using Ubuntu 12.04 and have multiple family members working on it with there own home folder.

I have an USB disk and want to use it to backup my home folders. Trying this, I got some questions.

  • When my disk auto mount, it is not visible for each user. It seams to be visible for the user the time I connect the usb disk.
  • I want to create one folder per home on the usb disk to backup the data to. But when I format the disk in EXT4 or FAT for example it is Read Only. How can I format the disk so it is accessible to every user.

Best Regards, Patrick

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sorry, I'm too low reputation to comment... Your problem in question pt 2 is probably permissions related can you edit your post with the permissions it has (this can be done in the command line with ls -l /path/to/the/disk or in nautilus right click for properties and then permissions).

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