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When I am browsing images with gthumb 3.0.1, hitting the DELete key removes the file from the browser (I assume by placing it into a gthumb Trash), but it remains on disk. And there appears to be no way to either view the gthumb Trash nor empty it.

How does one view and/or empty the Trash - removing the files from the disk - in gthumb?

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In gthumb 3.0.1 (and in any earlier versions) pressing delete on the keyboard brings up the dialogue in the screenshot below (Are you sure you want to move to trash?). This trash folder is not a gthumb hidden folder, but is just the particular user's trash folder (/home/mike/.local/share/Trash/files), which is more easily accessible with a file explorer such as Nautilus. So if you load up Nautilus and go to the trashcan, your pictures should be there.

gthumb 3.0.1

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