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I've got Wikipedia's offline database in .xml.bz2 format. There is also a software WikiTaxi to browse through it. But the problem is WikiTaxi is a Windows only software.

Is there any similar software that works on Ubuntu/Linux.

Please don't suggest me about Wine.

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Kiwix is an offline reader for Web content. It's especially intended to make Wikipedia available offline (see features). This is done by reading the content of the project stored in a file format ZIM, a high compressed open format with additional meta-data.

Kiwix is a free software (GPL3), that means you can freely copy, modify and spread it.1

Click here to Download Kiwix.


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@Santosh If this answered your question, you may mark this answer as accepted – Mitch Aug 4 '12 at 11:25

Kiwix is the app for linux. I want to add a tip for anyone who wants to use it and is running 64 bit system and cannot start the app.

You will know that you need to follow my instructions if the app does not start and you do not get any error messages.

After you download the package from Here!

Open the folder , go to linux folder and then make the file " Kiwix " executable by changing it's permissions to be executed by yourself.

After that , when you try to start it , and nothing happens.

You must install the package ia32-libs.

The above package makes it possible to run 32 bit apps on 64 bit OS.

issue the following command :

sudo apt-get install ia32-libs

Hope that helps as I suffered really till I knew this piece of info and got the app to start and work.

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