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Been using Ubuntu professionally since 2004. I upgraded to 12.04 from my 10.04 since then, I installed that sort of "Ubuntu Store", and out of curiosity I run it form time to time. I end up using Synaptic 99% of the times.

But the worst thing about it is when I try to enable "Recommendations" and it starts dragging CPU and failing miserably, apparently in an attempt to show a "Captcha".

Why does it keep freezing?

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Two things I'd say about it are :-

  1. Sometimes the freeze was because another app like synaptic was running. Instead of warning you, it just sits there and waits, and you think it is dead.

  2. It was intolerably slow, and indeed seemed to freeze, when I was running 12.04 on a low-end machine. On a faster machine, I would say it works ok. I think some parts of Ubuntu no longer work well on slow machines. If that's what you have, maybe a lighter distro would suit better. (or else just use synaptic and other apps instead of any slow ones you find)

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