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During Ubuntu installation I chose to encrypt my home folder. Accidently after installation I skipped the dialog in ubuntu where I was asked to setup encryption (choose key and so on ...)

How can I resume and complete the encryption process?

Update: The Encryption dialog box after installation just offers to show your passphrase for note it. Enryption process after installation is fully completed with a random generated passphrase during installation.

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If you already have a regular (non encrypted) home dir, and you want to convert it to an encrypted home, you must follow this procedure:

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These links were helpful

This command to read out your passphrase which was created although i skipped the mentioned dialog

ecryptfs-unwrap-passphrase $HOME/.ecryptfs/wrapped-passphrase

These commands to check if there are already the ecrypt directories

mount | grep ecryptfs

ls -aFl | grep ecryptfs

Update: Also check this Question with Answer for information on how to determine which folders are encypted.

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