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I am testing out MAAS in a demo environment of differently specified machines and would like the bootstrap node to be the smaller of the machines. Is there a way to specify the bootstrap node?

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There is no current way to do this unfortunately, you need to wait for the constraints work to be finished.

[Edit: 2012-10-17] The contraints work is now finished for 12.10. You can specify cpu and memory requirements using juju. See https://juju.ubuntu.com/docs/constraints.html

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It would be helpful if you could edit your answer with more information What is the constraints work? where can we review the status of this work etc? Thanks –  Stephen Myall Aug 15 '12 at 10:12
Thanks. I eventually did this by starting fresh and only adding the bootstrap node to the MAAS and then bootstrapping. But I ended up with plenty of other issues which are likely due to the current maturity level of Juju / MAAS. –  Andy Shinn Aug 15 '12 at 15:41

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