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Here is what is happening in details, in my Ubuntu 10.04 LTS desktop installation:

  • I log in as user "A"
  • Without terminating the session, I switch to user "B"
  • Now, I've done what I wanted as user "B", and finish its section
  • At this point, user "A" session is not available anymore; it is lost; no green checkmark indicating there is an open session for user "A" anymore; if I enter the password, instead of the interrupted session, I have a fresh new one

The previous and correct behaviour was that, after finishing user "B" session, I was able to resume the user "A" session, from where it was.

At some point of time which I don't know - probably some installation and/or upgrade - this strange and annoying behaviour started.

Before, I could let anyone use the computer if I left it while working. Now, I can't anymore. I need to act as a "police", watching and caring and worrying that nobody else uses the computer when I'm not for a while.

I want my peace back! :-) Does anyone have a clue and recommends something for me to try? Thank you.

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I've had the same problem happen to me. Have you created a bug report on launchpad or made any progress? –  levesque Nov 30 '12 at 14:53
I have not created a bug report nor made any progress. If I just switch from user "B" back to user "A", without finishing user "B" session, it works (not always, but most of the time). I'd prefer to close user "B" session... anyway this is what I am doing as a workaround. –  J. Bruni Dec 1 '12 at 17:37

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