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Ive already installed Nautilus and I can mount both my Internal and external memories on my Ubuntu PC, but I couldn't find how to use my Samsung as Modem. Is it possible? BTW, my most sincerest despite to Samsung for not including drivers for free software.

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Yes. Just enable USB tethering on your phone and Ubuntu will see an USB ethernet device on which your phone will provide an address on (DHCP). Don't use the USB-modem approach, that's much harder.

See this video on how to enable it on your phone.

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That depends on where you bought it. If you got it with a contract from your provider, it might well be, that the Android version provided does not support Tethering, because it was locked.

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Thanks for a so quick answer. But I think my phone is not locked for tethering, since I've already tether with a WinOS PC using Kies only. I was just trying through Wifi with FoxFi, but is unussualy slow (don't know why). – Pablo Aug 1 '12 at 18:58

easy tether works great they have an Ubuntu client, I am using it on my phone. its a cdma Samsung Galaxy S3

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There's no need for an app to enable tethering. – gertvdijk Oct 6 '13 at 13:49

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