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Possible Duplicate:
How do I get my Broadcom BCM4313 working correctly?

i just installed ubuntu 12.04 on my HP Pavilion dv6 series laptop, and i am trying to get the included broadcom 4313 wireless chipset to work on monitor mode, i googled and found out that monitor mode is not supported with the default sta broadcom drivers, and many users recommended using the brcmsmac drivers which i understand are included in this version of ubuntu, the question is:

How do i properly purge/blacklist/delete the STA broadcom drivers so they don't cause problems with the brcmsmac?, and how do i set the brcmsmac driver to work properly?

Thanks in Advance

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The cleanest way to remove the proprietary STA driver is to make sure that the packages broadcom-sta-common, broadcom-sta-source and bcmwl-kernel-source are removed from the system. Do this with the Software Center or apt-get.

The brcmsmac (sometimes called brcm80211) driver is indeed part of the Linux kernel and included in Ubuntu along with firmware, so you should be set to go.

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