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I checked the Additional Drivers offered for my card and I saw four options:

  • NVIDIA accelerated graphics drivers (version 173)
  • NVIDIA accelerated graphics drivers (post-release updates) (version 173-updates)
  • NVIDIA accelerated graphics drivers (version current) (Recommended)
  • NVIDIA accelerated graphics drivers (post-release updates)(version current-updates)

I'm not sure which one to pick. I want a driver that's stable but also takes advantage of my card's hardware.

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Use the recommended one. – mikewhatever Aug 1 '12 at 5:02

Use the recommended one is my advice. I'd say use the open source one but that wouldn't get all of your card's power.

I'm running on a Quadro 320m which is 8600GT based and the proprietary driver gave me excessive static which is still persistent after switching to the open source driver. Just a word of warning.

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