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How to get my laptop to detect SD cards inserted into its built-in card reader?

THe built in sd card reader on the macbook pro 8,1 (2011, early or mid i think) doesnt work AT ALL. However i read here.... https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/801034 that someone plugged in ethernet and it works. How the hell does that make a difference? There has to be some kind of better workaround? I take my laptop on the go, thats why i bought a LAPTOP. I dont want to be tethered down. Please help?

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on MacBook Pro the wireless and the card reader have the same controller in a integrated chip:


thus, there is a relation between the network and the card reader...

I also have the MacBook Pro 8,1 with Ubuntu 12.10. So far I didn't find any solution. And I don't have ethernet right now to try this one... but I'll try later.

Please post if you find a solution.


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