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Using Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit system.

After playing around the Viewing settings for a while i ended up with view like this

enter image description here

Under Default view the name should be under the icon.

Even after selecting the Reset view to Defaults and following this solutions listed here didn't work out.

How do I reset nautilus to the default configuration? ( Solutions to this answers didn't worked for me , tried removing Config files & then doing a re-installation of nautilus changed nothing)

Nautilus default view only ( This question was closed referencing to Natty bug report , please don't close this question)

All kind of solutions ( workarounds i mean) are welcomed ( just don't suggest changing nautilus to something else).

I already tried Changing the Viewing options under preferences menu with no success.

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I believe it's set by the menu Edit=>Preferences, Views tab, under Icon View Defaults, by the checkbox Text beside icons.

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I realize that When using Nautilus (Fedora 19 - Gnome 3.8) an icon named "Files" appears in the top left of the screen (not in the window of Nautilus itself). Right click in the icon and choose "Preferences". After changing the settings we should close and restart Nautilus to see the results.

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