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Due to various reasons, I have my main monitor set as the secondary display in xorg.conf. I would like to have gnome initialize metacity, gnome-panel as running primarily on :0.1, instead of :0.0. Is this possible at all?

To clarify, this is a laptop with its LCD turned off. My main monitor is connected to the VGA out and is driven by the nouveau driver for NVIDIA; a secondary monitor is on a displaylink usb-vga donverter. The seconday monitor is set in xorg.conf as the primary display (no way around it).

I can do things like DISPLAY=:0.1 gnome-terminal to run applications on the main monitor. My question is whether it is possible to do this (GNOME-) system-wide.

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Disable the built-in lcd – karthick87 Dec 12 '10 at 3:59

Maybe the following thread is a partial solution (at least for the panels):

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You might be able to put export DISPLAY=:0.1 in ~/.gnomerc, depending on gnome-session version and possibly distribution.

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