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Is there a way to improve video performance on my Dell Mini 10?

I have a fresh copy of 12.04 installed and I am having trouble with video performance. Watching things on Youtube is painful, the audio and video get out of sync all the time.

My System Info

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Unlikely. You've got the killer combination of Adobe Flash and Intel graphics. Even separately, each is often an impossible challenge, but together, they are unbeatable. Try Minitube as flash replacement. – mikewhatever Jul 31 '12 at 4:02
my friend 

you install 
vlc software from ubuntu software center
with your internet connection


abode flash plugin

this will clear all you problem for a video performance my firend.............

there is no major problems in it ...... basic movie player didn't support any files for audio and video only ogg format it can support

try it 
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