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Banshee has stopped connecting to the amazon mp3 store. It used to work fine but now I get the following error message from Banshee:

Unable to load page
Cannot resolve proxy hostname ()

This problem occurred while loading the URL

I'm running Banshee 2.4.1 and 12.04LTS. My internet connection is fine (I'm using it to post this). Amazon say there's nothing wrong with their server - it seems to be me...Any ideas?

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Open a terminal and run gsettings reset-recursively org.gnome.system.proxy if are you not using a proxy to connect to the web.

If you do need to use a proxy, it appears there is an issue with one of the proxy settings. Fix it and everything should work again.

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Cheers! That worked :-) I've never knowingly connected through a proxy so why something changed in that respect I don't know. – user50652 Jul 30 '12 at 20:53
Fantastic! Fixed for me. It's not just Banshee that breaks. If you are not using a proxy, you can probably fix this by System Settings > Network > Network proxy > Method=None (Apply system wide) – BullfrogBlues Aug 13 '12 at 11:44

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