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I am having a problem installing webgen 0.5 in Ubuntu 12.04.

In particular, I have a website written in Markdown, and webgen 0.5 fails with:

Error while working on </index.en.html> with Webgen::ContentProcessor::Kramdown:
The needed library 'kramdown' is missing. You can install it via rubygems with 'gem  install kramdown'!

I try to install via:

-> sudo gem install kramdown
Successfully installed kramdown-0.13.7
1 gem installed
Installing ri documentation for kramdown-0.13.7...
Installing RDoc documentation for kramdown-0.13.7...

However, I still get the same error in webgen... (I tried installing in Ruby 1.8 gem, and Ruby 1.9 gem and I get the same error in both cases.)

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I've figured it out. To answer my own question:

First off, one has to be careful to install Ruby 1.8 gems. First install Ruby 1.8 gems package:

sudo apt-get install rubygems1.8

Next, to install kramdown, make sure to install kramdown version 0.10.0 via:

sudo gem1.8 install kramdown -v 0.10.0

However, if you run webgen you will still get the error in the question. The solution is to force ruby to use ruby gems on the path. Before running webgen run:

export RUBYOPT=rubygems

If you did this but instead you installed the latest version of kramdown, then you get the following error (I paste it here so people can Google it):

Error while rendering </index.en.html>:
wrong number of arguments (1 for 2)

Once the correct version of kramdown is installed, running webgen on markdown source works:

Starting webgen...
Updating tree...
...done in 0.0138 seconds
Writing changed nodes...
...done in 0.0011 seconds

It looks like there is a quantal package for ruby-kramdown. So possibly, this workaround will not be necessary then.

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