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Does Landscape support the following user management features?

  • create user
  • delete user
  • change password for user with given username
  • add user to group
  • remove user from group
  • set user login shell
  • expire password

If so, is it possible to apply the change to all the linked computers in one go? E.g. change the password for a user on all linked servers.

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To do it in "one go" for multiple systems you should write a script and send it with Landscape. The "user management" interface does not support multiple computers.

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Landscape lets you edit all of the above across multiple users on the same system - the two screenshots below should give you a good overview: first we select multiple users, then we edit them in a single pass.

selecting multiple users editing multiple users in one go

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Thanks for the screenshots! – Cosmic Flame Nov 28 '12 at 11:38

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