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I have a problem with my Sony Vaio SVS1311F3E/W .

When I log in, after have locked the screen for a long period of time, the screen will be black and I can see only the mouse, so I am obliged to restart my computer, savagely.

Processor : Intel Core i5-3210M.

Graphic card : Intel HD Graphics 4000.

RAM : 4 Go.

OS : Ubuntu 12.04 .

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What Ubuntu release are you running? – Mitch Jul 30 '12 at 8:52

I think I have the same problem. I find if I wait long enough the system will respond, but how long it takes depends upon how long it has been locked.

I suggest that you either:

  1. turn off the screen power off option in the Brightness and Lock settings program.

  2. Use Unity 2D rather than full Unity so you aren't using Compiz. This is selected from the pull down from where you login to your account.

I believe this is compiz bug even though I'm not using fglrx myself. I find I can get around it by using a terminal elsewhere, confirming that compiz is using a lot of CPU, and killing compiz.

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