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Translation (via Google translate):

Hello, I'm wanting to upgrade the kernel of my Linux version. I'm currently using 3.2.0-27-generic-pae and want to switch to the latest 3.4.7 from the official site.

More information on my computer:

Operating System: Ubuntu

Version: 12.04 (Precise) 32-bit

GNOME: 3.4.1

Memory: 1.8 GiB

Processor: Intel ® Pentium (R) Dual CPU E2220@2.40GHz x 2

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Here's a good start point:

You may use many other sources on Linux kernel 3.2 (like as it's almost the same for Linux kernel 3.4.

Then, if you face any problem, you can search for a solution or come back here and ask about it.

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Obrigado! conseguir solucionar meu problema. – Bruno Jul 30 '12 at 3:03

There is no official version of kernel 3.4.7 for Ubuntu. The Ubuntu kernel team produces unofficial "mainline" builds for testing purposes only, but for kernels 3.4+, they are doing it for Ubuntu 12.10 (quantal) only.

Before proceeding, please make sure you read and understand the answer to this question: Should I upgrade to the "mainline" kernels?

You can get the 3.4.7 mainline kernel from

  • Install both the generic and the extra packages for your i386 architecture:

    enter image description here

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Valeu! pela ajuda. – Bruno Jul 30 '12 at 3:09

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