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I have installed php,apache and mysql. After phpmyadmin using this code:

sudo apt-get install phpmyadmin

I can see any problem when i'm installing phpmyadmin. But I can't reach.

enter image description here

I fellow this resource, when i installing package.

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It's not mentioned in the guide that you linked, but you need to restart apache2 after installing phpmyadmin. Do sudo service apache2 restart. If it doesn't work after that, you might need to place an explicit Alias direction in your Apache configuration. – Marios Zindilis Jul 29 '12 at 17:22

I solve my problem. I selected apache. Before this is not selected. For solve:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure -plow phpmyadmin

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Yusuf: this is likely to really help someone out in the future. Could you take a minute to provide a more detailed answer. – Richard Holloway Jul 29 '12 at 21:37

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