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I've just installed a Ubuntu (Studio) 12.04 on my laptop. There are a few problems. Packages are broken, I have

failed to open directory`errors, and there are also some problems with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.

Before I installed Ubuntu Studio, I wanted to install the standard Ubuntu 12.04 just to test it out. Then I installed, it went into non-graphical mode and failed to install the kernel at the end of the installation.

Are there any defects with my Ubuntu 12.04 installation/installation media? I asked in a forum, and some user said that 11.10 is actually more stable than 12.04.

Now I read some posts here that 12.04 is just stable, even someone says that 12.04 is the best version.

Is that right? If the original Ubuntu 12.04 won't even install on my system correctly, does that mean Ubuntu Studio won't either?

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What do you mainly use your computer for? High demanding multimedia, or simple general web, email, and office use? Or maybe a combination? Do you mind if your software is 100% open source free software? –  Jebeld17 Jul 29 '12 at 3:08
yes, i think.... –  bravadi Jul 29 '12 at 3:51
So, that means....? –  Jebeld17 Jul 29 '12 at 5:02

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This isn't the best place to ask such a question as you seem to be soliciting the opinions of the user base. The best thing to do is to scour the Ubuntu forums for the type of information you're looking for. The address is

I will however contribute my own experience since I have 12.04 installed on my laptop and 11.10 on my desktop. 12.04 will receive updates and long term support whereas 11.10 will no longer be supported after 18 months. My experience is as follows. 11.10 runs fine. 12.04 pops an odd error message every once in awhile that I ignore as I perceive no impact on functionality.

Lastly, I'd remind the original poster that this site probably isn't the best place to solicit user base opinions. The forums are probably a much better site for such a discussion.

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Welcome you to Linux world. Actually Ubuntu 12.04 is officially more stable than Ubuntu 11.10. Because 12.04 is marked as LTS (Long Term Support) version from Ubuntu mother company Canonical. Though still we are facing some bugs with 12.04, but it's more than sure it will be solved through updates. Within short period of time, Canonical will release 12.04.1 and further version. You can give a try on Ubuntu 12.04 at that time. But for now you can choose Ubuntu 11.10 or Linux mint. You have to decide which one between these two is suitable for you.

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There are few bugs in ubuntu 12.04 LTS but comes up rarely; which is solved quickly and updates are out very recent. So you can use ubuntu very well. Yeah its true that 11.10 is much stable then 12.04LTS. but 12.04LTS now got all clear updates. Just install 12.04 and get updated your system

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Its completely case to case. For some users 12.04 causes problem, for some it works better.

But no can concludes 11.10 is better stable than 12.04. Changes in 12.04 from 11.10 may cause problem as it is added to ubuntu later and did not got wider time like 11.10 to get fixed.

In my case, 12.04 is far far better than 11.10. It really works great. I have rarely faced complete crash to my system which was more frequent with 11.10. My wireless card functions great as compared to earlier version.

Another point is : you have installed a customized version of ubuntu desktop (studio). So it could cause problem. Better to go for standard desktop version. Be sure to choose right image while downloading. Ubuntu standard desktop installation is GUI based.(but not the minimal cd)

If you are having problem in installing maybe you can post the error (with details of hardware) you are facing as a question. Community will help you as much as possible.

Installation guide :

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