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When I had installed the rar application the archive manager was using that one which had problems with non-english characters. I uninstalled it and the archive manager used p7zip. The question is how can I make the archive manage (and extract here) to use the p7zip instead of rar but have both installed at the same time.

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You'll need to associate p7zip with .rar file types. To do so find a .rar file and Right Click that file and choose "Open With Other Application..."

alt text

In the "Other Application" menu select "Use a custom command" and enter /usr/bin/p7zip -d and check the "Remember this application" checkbox.

alt text

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Personally I found that the best archive manager which support non-English characters is PeaZip PeaZip web site. It has a support for RAR archives and is able to do many other operations.

In order to make this (or other) archive manager as a default choice: from file (archive) Properties menu select a Default application (for current file type).

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