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I have downloaded and installed ubuntu 11.10 server on a high end dell power edge server. i have another desktop for my development which is windows 7

How do I create VM's etc on ubuntu 11.10 server ? I would like to do it from my development desktop i mean all the VM management etc from Windows 7

Can someone suggest which would be better option ? I am new to Virtualisation , i want some simple GUI based tools to do , am not a CLI Geek .

Regards sashank

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Of course it is possible to run a virtual machine on a remote server without the need of installing a GUI there to control and manage the VM. You can even create a virtual machine on your Windows desktop to export it to the server, run it there, and use your Windows for display of the VM. However you will need a cross-platform solution that will run on both Windows, and Ubuntu.

In case you want to try out Virtual Box you will need the closed source (PUEL) but free version available from Oracle (see this question on how to install for Ubuntu and the user manual for installation on Windows) to get support for the Virtual Box remote desktop display feature.

There is a nice tutorial from the Virtual Box user manual on how to set this up and how to run virtual box in "headless" mode on a server to use a remote machine's display via VRDP.

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