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I have Nautilus 3.4.2 on Ubuntu 12.04. I use the second pane via F3 all the time.

However, there is no colour change when I change which pane has the focus. There is on Nautilus 2.30.1, ubuntu 10.4 which is on my other machine. It is a poor fix to downgrade this machine, I would rather upgrade the other one.

What do I do to change nautilus 3.4.2 to support different colours in the two panes, depending on which has focus?

E.g.: upgrade Nautilus to one which has this feature; downgrade Nautilus ditto; find a gtk theme which supports this because somehow my current theme doesn't...?

Is it one of these answers?

Thanks, John

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There's a LaunchPad bug about this since Oneiric. I have the same issue. –  netcoder Jul 27 '12 at 18:59
Thanks, that will allow me to make progress. Much obliged. –  John Beattie Jul 28 '12 at 12:09
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