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I downloaded and burned Ubuntu x86 on a CD and inside .iso there was wubi.exe and I ran it. It said I should just restart and Ubuntu will run. I know that my PC can't boot from CD automatically, so I clicked help me run from CD (or something like that, I have in Slovenian). Then I selected Ubuntu from windows boot manager, there was an error, then it said it will complete Ubuntu installation and I left it around 1 hour and nothing happened.

What should I do?

BTW I have HP Pavilion g7 1303 with 64x windows 7 home premium

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So you installed Ubuntu using Wubi? BTW your system will boot from CD, just set it in the BIOS. –  Mitch Jul 27 '12 at 14:27
I know that my system will boot CD, but I don't know how to set it in the BIOS. All it says is press esc to run startup menu and when I press it Windows boot manager appears with 2 options: Run Windows; Run Windows memory check (or something) –  Matej Kranjec Jul 27 '12 at 14:49
To get into the BIOS, you need to press either F9 or F10 –  Mitch Jul 27 '12 at 15:20
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