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Some interest in Excel 2003, but primarily in Excel 2007. Wondering if advanced features, such as macros can be made to work flawlessly. Or if there are any major issues I should know about.

Using an alternative open source native program is unfortunately out of the question due to complex macro/VBA heavy spreadsheets.

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Excel 2007 should work well with some adjustments.

Excel 2003 is unlikely to work properly.

Always look on the wine application database to find out how well a program can be run in wine.

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+1 for the reference to the winehq appdb. – andol Aug 8 '10 at 19:12

MS Office 2007 works well in Ubuntu 12.10, with following inconveniences: - when any *office app is started, another launcher opens in Unity bar with default WINE icon... :( (I have managed to get proper launchers through Drag/drop from Dashboard, however after the Launcher is clicked it opens under new launcher with WINE icon.)

After some upgrade I can't associate extensions to MS Office apps. as well, apart from that it is working fairly good.

I haven't tested macros abilities, as they are not-essential in my work environment, hence not used.

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if you use playonlinux then both will work pretty well.

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Just installed latest PlayOnLinux on Ubuntu 11.10 desktop, Macros did not work at all under Excel 2007. Everytime I try to run the macro, even the simplest one-liners, it crashes.

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