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When i expand windows from AWN panel i see this lines:

alt text

This lines easy to remove, but i stil don't like it. How i can fix it?

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Verify the following:

  1. you have compiz disabled (ALT+F2 and type metacity --replace to remove compiz for testing)

  2. Verify you have a video card with enough memory. This happens more on video cards with 32MB or less.

  3. In any system, having a background image will ALWAYS suck video performance. I recommend black background. In your case you can put it in black for testing purposes.

  4. While dragging the windows to get that line effect you have on the image verify what the system resource says about memory and cpu usage.

With all of this you can have an idea if it is a video problem, cpu problem, memory problem.

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compiz is on, video is good. 1. compiz is on. earlier i have not this problem – Sk8er Dec 14 '10 at 19:08

The problem is the driver of video card.

Example: My video card is ATI. I search for AtI on the ubuntu software center and download the driver. I had this problem and I fixed doing that!

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