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We cannot disable it using the BIOS, because Turbo gets turned off as well as a side effect (what a crappy BIOS!). I am looking for a simple command line tool for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Server that can do this.

I know on Windows, if you set the Power Options to High Performance, SpeedStep is disabled, but how can I do this on Ubuntu Linux using a command line application?


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To disable SpeedStep, you would run cpufrequtils. It should already be installed on your system if you're running a Gnome desktop. If not you can install it by clicking below

Once you install it, you would run

 sudo cpufreq-selector -g performance

However, running the CPU at full speed, may cause it to shutdown after a few minutes.

sudo cpufreq-selector -f <specify speed>

To verify your CPU speed, use the "cat" utility:

cat /proc/cpuinfo
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