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Since Wine 1.4, there is native support for Office 2010, but where is a good manual with the pre requirements?

Every time when I want to install Office 2010, the setup breaks up during the installation process and it says to me, "an error occured".

I have no idea, How can I see those errors.

Any suggestions?

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you can try playonLinux.. Its a good front-end of wine and also support specific configuration for such application. – Web-E Jul 26 '12 at 14:37
This isn't quite an answer to how to run Office 2010 in Wine 1.4, but provided you have a license for Windows, you could easily install VMware and run a copy of Windows for all the Windows programs that you depend on. This is how me and many others I know deal with this kind of situation. In fact, the best way is to have dual-boot with smaller Windows install and the rest for Ubuntu. Then while in Ubuntu - virtualize the existing Windows install under VMware. This way you have a) easy to access Windows env in Ubuntu; b) Bare-metal Windows env for all other cases. – Nicolay Doytchev Jul 26 '12 at 15:34
I already did it with virtualizing, but the the notebook needs more energy and but it sucks to start every time the virtual maschine. But thank you for you answer! :)) greetings – Nicolas Nox Aug 3 '12 at 21:16
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You may consider viewing about the installer and searching various programs(Excel/Word/Publisher) here. You should be able to install following these steps(from this page)

  1. Run by downloading, setting to executable permissions, and running in terminal.

  2. Use the Wine config tool to create a new wine prefix somewhere where you will install. In this prefix, under DLL overrides, set riched20 to the native version.

  3. Before the installation, if your Ubuntu and Wine is 64-bit, add export WINEARCH=win32 on a new line in ~/.profile(It will be hidden, press Ctrl+H while viewing your home folder to see it)

  4. Install as usual.

Unfortunately, the 64-bit version of Microsoft Office is reported to be garbage, while the 32-bit version ranks bronze, requiring installing wine-mono if it is not installed. Here are some of the 32-bit test results, paraphrased from the WineHQ AppDB:

  • Excel: Silver, with some UI issues for objects over cells.
  • Powerpoint: Gold, if you set riched20 to native in step 2.
  • Access: Bronze:

    Failures:Form and reports constructor can't save changes. Templates. Visual Basic. Most of macroses. UI elements with tables list.

  • Word: Mixed results: some report garbage, while others state only charts and clipart don't work.

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