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Just a Quick Question, to Check if there are any available IDE for Python GTK 3. IE: An IDE which give the programmer an auto complete feature with method Description Etc.

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Please, see this question:…. Most of the IDEs listed there have good python support. Personally, I use PyCharm. – Javier Rivera Jul 26 '12 at 9:03

Try using IDLE 3

sudo apt-get install idle3 idle-python3.2 

another one bypython

You might want to take a look at available tools

Ubuntu community Wiki

Power Users Programming

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Also I like geney, it is in software center and is beginner friendly. Also there is codeblocks which is pretty good. And I saw a new one called spider the other day whitch has got some very good reviews. Python is well supported in Ubuntu so have a search in software center theres about 20 IDE s with python support just play around till you find one you like...

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Try Anjuta IDE if you want a graphical designer

sudo apt-get install anjuta anjuta-extras 

Or try PyCharm if you want a smart full-featured IDE ;-)

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