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I had a notebook with 1.6 atom processor and 2 gig ram that ran all the programs/games from the trine/shadowgrounds humble bundle without much of a problem. I now have a laptop with a 2.5 dual core and 8 gig ram (both have/had integrated graphics cards) and I now cannot get these games to work. I see many posts about how they will not work with integrated graphics cards but considering not long ago i was running them on a crap notebook, i have a hard time understanding that. the games will flash open and slam shut as soon as i try to execute them, any help would be much appreciated.

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As Joel said below, attempt to find the exact graphics card, you probably are missing a driver. If you have the open source one with the kernel you might have some serious issues. – etsr Jul 26 '12 at 21:05

Try to find out the exact graphics cards in both computers - there's a variety of integrated cards out there and they're not all the same. The old notebook may have had a good ATi/NVIDIA integrated one, whereas the new could be stuck with an old Intel (a bit unlikely though). You can check the FAQ at

If nothing helps feel free to get in touch at

  • Joel, Frozenbyte team
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